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For Fellowship - keep in touch with your former Creighton colleagues through the quarterly GRAYBACKERS  luncheon meetings. Members’ spouses and guests are always welcome to attend. 

For Information - keep informed about what's going on at the University and how it may affect you. Members receive daily emails including Creighton Today and updates from the President and the Provost.

For Advocacy - join in efforts to improve benefits for Creighton University retirees and to pursue other matters of common interest.  The GRAYBACKERS have a representative on the University benefits committee.  It was through the efforts of GRAYBACKERS leaders that official Creighton retirees are issued ID cards giving them access to University libraries, fitness centers and discounts at the campus store.

Are you ready to join us? Click below for our membership application!





a. Membership in the Creighton University Graybackers shall be open to any former member of the faculty, administration, or support staff of Creighton University who meets one of the following qualifications:

1.  A person age 55 or older who has terminated University employment and has completed 10 or more years of service to the University. Part, or all, of the service may have been classified as contributed services.

2. A former University employee not meeting the qualifications specified in Section 1.a.1 who is granted regular membership by special action of the Board of Directors.

3. Spouses of deceased Graybackers may become associate members by paying the annual membership and will be eligible for all membership privileges except voting rights and the right to serve as an officer or director.

 Section 2. FEES.

The annual membership fee shall be $15, payable January 1, the start of the membership year.  However, a person eligible for membership may join anytime during the calendar year upon paying the regular fee.  For those paying the fee and becoming members between January 1 and June 30, the fee for the following year is payable January 1. For those paying the fee and becoming members between July 1 and December 31, membership for year beginning January 1 is included. 

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